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Bali, Indonesia

Interview with Rima from Trash Hero Indonesia  

Pristine Ocean 

The island of Bali in Indonesia attracts tourists and travellers from around the globe. A lot of them spend time at Kuta Beach. It may not be the best place in the world to get in touch with the magical Balinese culture, but for me it was my first taste of Indonesia. And I loved it. 

We're talking today to Rima from Trash Hero Indonesia.  

She told me something that was so shocking, a chill ran down my spine. 

Rima from Trash Hero 

You must know already about the Kuta Beach disaster last January, right? 

Pristine Ocean 

No, I had not heard about the Kuta Beach disaster of last year. Like many people, I had visited Kuta Beach in Bali. 

Hearing that Kuta Beach was experiencing a disaster, was like hearing that an old friend had had to go to hospital. 

This is how CNN Travel reported it: 

Tonnes of trash of washed onto Bali's famous Kuta beach, prompting locals to spend the first day of the New Year staging a cleanup. 

Residents from the Bandong area on the Indonesian island cleared 30 tonnes of marine debris from the beach. 

And this is what the Guardian has to say about the situation: 

Bali's famous speech is being strewn by plastic rubbish in what experts say is becoming an annual event thanks to monsoon weather, poor waste management and a global marine pollution crisis. 

I guess you've seen trash on the beach before, but I would bet you have not seen anything like this. Every square metre contains plastic trash. 

Mostly small plastic cups, as far as I can see. 

Rima from Trash Hero 

So even the government put it as natural disaster, which is actually wrong because it is not natural disaster, it's man-made disasters. 

Pristine Ocean 

Each year, during the monsoon season and tonnes of trash being washed up onto the shores and barley. But where is it coming from? There seem to be 2 ideas around this. One is that it belongs to a stream of plastic that moves through passed Indonesia into the Indian Ocean. 

I asked Rima what was the idea behind it? 

Rima from Trash Hero 

The goal is to make the citizens or the community or the society to be empowered. They could decide what is best for them, but without being trapped in a false solutions.  

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